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- bulls guard Michael Jordan, so he volunteered to be the 23rd
- in and sold NIKE type of movement style clothing, NIKE stores
- entertainment is more a different meaning: stylish, trendy and cool
- is more popular with working class voters and older people alike

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 bulls guard Michael Jordan, so he volunteered to be the 23rd Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

introduced to the market, then rage. Many domestic brands of sports shoes NIKE company was designed to imitate the classic design, but they don't understand the why of the four pillars of small, made of four different heights, will not talk about the content of science and technology.While domestic sportswear and sport brand there is a gap in the business philosophy also abroad. Sports brands each season are selling a foreign idea, sell products, ray ban tech sunglasses cheap  such as the NIKE slogan this season is "can you faster than you! "The embodied spirit of transcending oneself, ADIDAS and the slogan is" NOTHINGISIMPOSSIBLE (nothing is impossible)! ”Other foreign sports brand will be launched for the hottest sporting event, and mark the style, such as the Olympics, World Cup, European Championship international tournaments such as whole, in these international games during these branded sales were much higher than usual, while domestic brands generally don't have the awareness. Fortunately, they have come to realize the importance of this, the just-concluded Olympic

Games is proof of that.With the coming of 2005, according to the agreement signed between China and the WTO, ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ebay uk from the days of full liberalization of the retail trade of China drawing near, you can be sure of is, Wenzhou's sports brand will no longer be one of several, and now, Wenzhou sport brands battle for the consumer market has only just begun. Whether it was David Beckham or a United States well-known rap stars aminamu? Seen Beckham for adidas's new Tablet sneakers on a commercial people will probably wonder, because Beckham in a hip-hop outfit is so like in the United States music industry has "riffraff," said Romney. Advertising photos, Beckham, squatting on the ground, wearing a knit CAP, wore a loose sauce similar to the NBA players playing arm of sportswear, rarely showed his wife Victoria initials tattooed on his right arm a tattoo. With a hat almost covered his eyes, coupled with Beckham deliberately a bronzed skin sexy brown color, at first glance I thought Eminem was advertised in the NBA.It is well known that basketball

 and football is the American favorite, even David Beckham admits that his idol is former bulls guard Michael Jordan, so he volunteered to be the 23rd, after the move to Real Madrid from Manchester United jerseys, Bulls since Michael Jordan's jersey number while playing is the 23rd. This summer, Ben with Los Angeles Galaxy, Beckham will play, in order to have the United States audience's attention and love, of course, he was fully integrated into United States society, this ad obviously also has to please United States cultural meaning.After debut Eminem always introduce some violence in rap lyrics or gay content, but his style is still the most unique way, to attract viewers, but now, Eminem's album has sold more than 70 million copies worldwide, and fans sought after for him is obvious. Eminem's dress code is always casual, relaxed style, everytime he perform on stage will come up with something that will make the audience laugh more than laughs, which seems to have become the United States a characteristic of rap music, this time David

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 in and sold NIKE type of movement style clothing, NIKE stores Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 and "not enough", in many large cities in Wenzhou shoe you don't see at all. PUMA, for example, the brand known for its novel design bold, its unique design in sport retro sport brand is second to ray ban large metal aviator uk  none, so the brand in Shanghai, Beijing's popularity comparable to NIKE, ADIDAS, but in Wenzhou and its iconic retro series does not appear.Obscure NIKE360 you may remember in Ruili sports Mall location now has opened NIKE360 stores, before long, the store would go out of business. Industry analysts believe that retired in disgrace and the positioning of the stores of the NIKE360 related to Dim. NIKE and NIKE360 although the same door, but the two belong to two different styles, discount ray ban sunglasses online NIKE focused on pure movement, while the NIKE360 is better at leisure. NIKE360 stores of goods in the, leisure sportswear in NIKE stores is see not to of, especially its unique of retro leisure men and women shoes more by many young of like, completely can to its unique sex towards market, but, due to NIKE and NIKE360 of goods sources consistent, so NIKE360 stores

 in and sold NIKE type of movement style clothing, NIKE stores is can not sold NIKE360 of leisure movement clothing. Many consumers are not aware after a majority still went to the NIKE store, because NIKE is deep-rooted in the minds of consumers of the brand.Catching up with Li Ning and Anta, special steps this year, especially step of NIKE and ADIDAS at Park Street "dogged", the stubbornly out of the stores at junctions; domestic sports brand Li Ning, the eldest child of stores also opened up over the city; more and more people think of Anta sports shoes are very comfortable to wear ... ...Signs can indicate that many domestic brands of sport began in the year, to compete with NIKE, ADIDAS and other foreign brands.Industry persons think, from Qian two years of situation view, domestic of many movement brand including Li Ning, are also in a just started of stage, from products of development to shop of decoration, and goods of device are lack unified of style, does not mature, and near two years they of development compared quickly,

 and began Michael Shang has track, but they now go of remains low price route. From consumer groups, the sports brand in China, led by Li Ning's consumer groups largely dominated by primary and middle school students, while with NIKE, ADIDAS, led by top foreign brands is much broader range of consumer groups, occupied the strong brand awareness has begun early consumption ability of high school students as well as young working-class people.Brand battle concept of technology and industry analysts say, NIKE, ADIDAS and other foreign sports brand's prices not only because of the brand influence, but also its inner content of science and technology. Such as summer weight shirts, thermal and moisture wicking capabilities, twisted trainers for the various projects and shock-proof, enhancing running capacity and improve jumping ability and other functions has a high technological content.Palm air NIKE sneakers has a strong shock and increase the bounce height function, the core technology is cushioned inside four pillars of small, the four pillars of little under the man's foot movement and was designed to be all the same height, NIKE began its development from 1997 until 2000, will be officially

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 entertainment is more a different meaning: stylish, trendy and cool Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 pink, lemon yellow color pink leather shoes shine in all kinds of flats and heels, full of pretty color. This season's Prada, MiuMiu new shoes there are many of these in leather, this kind of pink leather upper with cute Decorative bows, add a touch of youthful glory. This quarter, the buy ray ban wayfarer sunglasses  shoe designer gets inspiration from the ancient buildings, some with architectural beauty in geometry, details and other elements used in the new shoes. Can best embody the sense of architectural heel, heel not only becomes more valuable, designers have also joined in the thick heel cutout, carvings and other decorative details, thick wedges the bigger story. Like Celine the high heel evening shoe this season the most topical, designers will be thick heel sloping central part hollowed out and no longer looks thick thick heel. In addition, some heels stole the shoes ray ban aviator sizes uk Thunder power heels materials colors have nothing to do with the shoe looks like Ferragamo shoes heels white to shiny metal building, Dolce&Gabbana transparent heel, heel Prada bi-color,

 two-stage, with a building sense of structure, very strange.Perhaps in order to make more down-to-Earth fashion ladies, wearing more comfortable this season, coincidentally, many new shoes at the forefoot to thicken, and makes the shoes look more textured. Said that this kind of design is also very practical, in addition to that the main force of the foot feel more comfortable outside, padded feet waterproof design can also play a role, even on a rainy day, it is not easy to get wet. Integration of entertainment resources: deductive fashion brand new lifeEntertainment era has arrived! She was very lovely in the resource integration of the garden and the nines!Explosion and fierce competition have become characteristics of the new economy, emphasis on material factors in reducing non-material or human factors in the rapid increase of people interested is which brand to offer more added value, or what are more able to please them.When life became more and more nervous, more busy work, people were more eager to get a few moments of relaxation

 and entertainment. For young people and as a sports brand target consumer, entertainment is more a different meaning: stylish, trendy and cool. These themes is their life forever. ? Futurist John Naisby said: "trying to sell something? Training? Focus on management? Motivation? First of all, you have to make people happy. In today's uncertain world, entertainment is considered to be an essential factor in daily life. ”Companies need to do something, is to integrate entertainment and elements that let consumers experience entertainment, the product or service generate goodwill and Lenovo and infect consumers, consumer lifestyle and entertainment experience, and build relationships.Ways and means of integrating recreational resources of many, for instance, to gain insight into consumer entertainment and society fashion's stirring, focused events and new phenomenon, integration of film, television, music, sports and other entertainment resource, carriers find entertainment and brand value propositions of good graft; or to

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 is more popular with working class voters and older people alike Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

of the Olympic colours: blue, yellow, black, green and Red 5 as mouldings, with bright colors and simple lines, easy style, comfortable fabrics for the production of fashion, simple, stylish ray ban sunglasses outlet uk  and great sportsmanship. In addition, some design elements with the traditional Chinese art of fashion sneakers have also been scrambling to sought after a pair of painted with "facial makeup of Beijing Opera" brand shoes priced at up to 500 million.Since entering the summer sales season, adidas, Jordan, Li Ning, Giordano, the beautiful Tess nation prestige and other sports apparel sales are very good. In a sportswear store in 27 square, shopping guide, told reporters that even non-holiday periods, daily sales are very impressive. Industry analysts said that these consumer

 brand for young people new ray ban wayfarer sizes have more influence, sports and leisure clothing mastered when the season's trends, more in line with the needs of young people.Art hats "relaxed holiday style"Clothing wholesale and retail business in the lot located in the train station area, summer clothing sales are booming, people inundated with all kinds of summer jewelry, straw bags, sunglasses, umbrellas, jewellery and other fashion accessories shop-front thronged. Reporters find plenty summer Liang Mao on the market, a summer Liang Mao store in Silver City, Liang Mao hundreds of varieties, more colorful women's Liang Mao, vast Lotus Leaf gauze folded brim hat, Horn CAP, caps, and youthful-free large-brimmed hat, stretch fashion hats, and so on. Cotton caps, straw hats cheap

is more popular with working class voters and older people alike. Liang Mao prices generally between 20 to 50 Yuan, Liang Mao the most popular of the more than more than 10 Yuan price. Children's goods stores, beanie had exaggerated the funny hats, Sun hats, colorful flowers woven straw hats, styles, and especially beautiful.Reporters also found that this summer's popular shoe style is not quite the same as in previous years. Exudes a lazy holiday temperament with a flat heel, leather fabrics create a sense of nostalgia and unruly, coarse with thick-soled shoes, designed the bold "with" art of stilettos shoes ... ... A wide variety of unique design occupies a nice counter Lady Sandals of. According to one retail sales personnel, this year's fashion high heel sandals are somewhat non-traditional, exquisite emphasized in the past is no longer the mainstream.Although during the heat of summer, but the hot weather does not prevent the 

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